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If your website isn’t being found online your business isn’t making money with your website.

That’s the whole point of search engine optimization – to get your website found so you can make money with it!

Page One Promotions can get you there simply and affordably. At Page One we value honesty and simplicity. We’ve developed a simple, proven approach to search engine optimization that’s straightforward, simple, and gets results.

Here it is:

1) Keyword Research. Most of an SEO campaign’s success is built on proper keyword research.

2) We help you focus on and target one (sometimes two) keywords per page. That’s it. If you want to target more keywords, you need to add more pages

3) We help you develop unique quality site content. Any content you want to optimize needs to be different from any other content on your site.

4) We write relevant, focused title tags and descriptions. Your target keyword needs to be included in the optimized page’s title tag.

5) We create an XML site map that leads the Search Engines only to those pages that have well developed content with at least 300 words.

6) We make sure your site loads fast. Search engines respect faster loading pages because they deliver content more efficiently.

7) We help you earn links from sites with high page rank. This earns your site authority. Typically as your site gains more quality back links your site’s page rank increases.

8) We help you develop extra traffic sources through building press releases and promoting your site through local business listings.

9) We help you consistently add content to your site. Your site needs to stay fresh and the fresher it is the faster it will rank.

10) We make sure your site is optimized for conversions with well placed phone numbers, contact forms, calls to action, videos, special offers and more.

With this approach we help maximize the potential of your website as a business tool – a tool that will grow your business with the goal of increasing your profits.

Just fill out the form to the right to gain access to our pricing and plans. We’ll email you to set up a free SEO consultation and answer any questions you have.

When you want to be found online, Page One is a great place to be!